protecting container plants from animals

One of the main reasons for setting up a garden is for you to be able to enjoy it or benefit from it and no matter where you are, one thing that you would constantly have to deal with is the constant threat from pests. Even in the case of containers that can be kept closely inside the house which you already think is safe can also be attacked by pests. Some of these pests that tend to attack container plants includes raccoons, squirrels and rabbits and in this article we would be teaching some tips and tricks on protecting container plants from animals.

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Protecting Container Plants From Animals

protecting container plants from animals

Trying to protect your container plants from pest in every aspect is simply the same as offering your entire garden protection. The efforts you would make in protecting container plants from animals and also protecting your garden rests on how humane you would want it to be. If you are only interested in detering these pests from attacking your garden then every pest has smells and sights that works effectively in driving it away from attacking your container plants and garden.

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Take birds as a case study, hanging old CD’s around your plants or hanging strips of old cloths around your plants works effectively in scaring them away and there are other pests that can be scared away by just using chili powder or human hair. However, if what you want is to make sure your container plants are no longer attacked by pests for good then you can make use of poisoned baits or professional traps although it is something anybody would love to mention to you. That was why we talked about how humans you would want it to be earlier.

How To Keep Animals Out Of Container

protecting container plants from animals

The good thing about growing plants in a container is they are designed to have firm barriers underground and even though plants rooted to the ground tend to be constantly attacked by voles and moles from its sides, the plants that are planted in containers are offered adequate protection and that accounts for the amount that potted plants are accorded with today. However, growing plants in a container also has a failsafe option but if you can protect your plant bulbs from being eaten then you can also move them to a safer place.

One of the ways you can get to protect your container plants from animals is to ensure that they are grown far from pets and pests as well. This can involve raising them on a table away from the reach of pests and pets and another method also involves growing container plants in a place with a lot of noise or movement because they are also effective in scaring pests and pets away.

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