Football Related Movies and Shows on Netflix

When Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph founded Netflix as a DVD rental company in 1997, they wouldn’t have thought in their wildest dreams that one day Netflix would completely revolutionize the way people watch television.

With about 214 million subscribers worldwide, operating in 191 countries, a content library that consists of 4593 movies and 1157 TV shows, and the ability to work on almost every device/operating system imaginable, it is undeniable that Netflix is the true king of the streaming services.

But what has set Netflix apart from the rest of the streaming service providers is its ability to offer something for everyone. Whether you wish to stream the Screenbinge’s recommendation for the best Netflix movies of all time, laugh at a comedy series, cry with your favorite artist, or just simply want to be fascinated by the world of football, Netflix has got you covered.

Yes, you heard us right. Even in this age when many streaming service providers have left the football fans hanging, Netflix still has so much to offer. Whether you wish to be inspired by classic football documentaries or just want to sink in with a powerful football drama, Netflix will always be there for you.

Also, football movies, TV shows, and even documentaries aren’t just about the sport itself. They show and teach various valuable lessons about teamwork, friendship, and even perseverance. Furthermore, this sport and everything related to it has continued to stand the test of time.

We decided to bring you some football related movies and shows on Netflix available only on Netflix that every football lover should watch once. So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. All American

All American TV Show

This drama series is inspired by the life of the retired footballer Spencer Paysinger. The main character of the series has grown up in Crenshaw and played for Crenshaw High School before transferring to Beverly Hills High.

Spencer cannot get used to the new localities and soon finds himself and other students divided. He is now faced with a new challenge to leave his past life of Crenshaw and adjust to the new life at Beverly Hills High.

This TV series deals with major social issues such as economic and class division very beautifully and shows how it can affect a footballer’s life, physically and mentally.

2. The Last Whistle

The Last Whistle

The Last Whistle is a film based on a high school football player called Victor Trenton. He is well known and respected for his passion for sports, but he tends to push his players a little too hard to give their best on the field.

He is fully committed and determined to the cause. That is why his training sessions can be a little bit tense. His players find it very difficult to keep up with his demand in the training session, and when one of the players passes away, the student’s mother and the rest of the school faculty start to blame Trenton.

They all believe that his commitment, determination, and obsession with the victory have led him to overwork the players, which is why the student’s demise.

While the entire school community is shaken, Trenton continues to push his players as he is stubborn. If you wish to look at how important football is in Texas with an emotional rollercoaster ride, this movie is definitely for you.

3. Last Chance U

Last Chance U

This series offers a unique, fresh, and different look at the life of student-athletes. The show follows the lives of young athletes at East Mississippi Community College (EMCC) who are training to one day become the stars of the NFL.

This series will keep you captivated from the beginning to the end with all the different struggles, successes, losses, highs, and lows of these athletes endure on and off the field.

4. Undefeated


Undefeated is about the Manassas Tigers football team, an unprofitable, underfunded, and disadvantaged football team that shows determination and commitment to fight against all the odds, thanks to their coach Bill Courtney.

This documentary beautifully displays the important life lesson that team sports can teach. The emotions, drama, dreams, problems, and humanity depicted in this documentary will make you fall in love with this sport even more.

This award-winning academy documentary is a must-watch for families and everyone who loves and follows football.

5. Greater


This movie is about Brandon Burlsworth, considered one of the most respected walk-ons in college football history. He was a perfect example of “brightest stars shine for the smallest time.”

This movie has clearly shown why Burlsworth was the ultimate example of grit, determination, and self-discipline as he accomplished his dream of playing for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

In this movie, you can experience what he had to go through as he was overweight and too short for sports. He was also constantly taunted by his teammates and coach. But this didn’t stop him from becoming one of the greatest players of the game one day.

Unfortunately, eleven days after he made it to the NFL, he passed away in a car accident. This movie pays tribute to this legend by showing us the loss, and injustice his family, friends, rest of the community feel after losing him.

Final Thoughts

While many streaming services don’t offer much for football, Netflix has stood up for the hardcore football fans and offers so much connected with the roots of the game and the greats that played it.