10 Best Rain Barrels – 2023 Buying Guide And Recommendation

best rain barrels

There are two important factors that every garden would need for its survival and these factors are sunlight and water. During the summer season, sunlight doesn’t prove to be a problem but water is a less consistent natural source.

There are countries where it gets to rain two weeks on an average or probably rains once in two weeks and combining that with the amount of water supply you require for use could lead to an increase in the amount of water you use.

In times like this, you would one of the best rain barrels to boost your water storage options.

Best Rain Barrel – Buying Guide And Recommendation

Investing in a rain barrel is one of the easiest ways to guarantee that you have a great supply of water that would be enough to take care of your garden and ensure that it thrives.

Rain barrels come in various styles and designs, they are very easy to use and the truth is every rain barrel that you find today on the market has its own drawback and benefits. This is why rain barrels are seen as a wise investment especially if you have large lawns and outdoor gardens that you need to take care of and maintain.

There are lots of benefits that come with having a rain barrel but it is not always easy for anyone to identify which rain barrel would offer them the benefits that they seek or desire.

Most people are also not aware of what they should look out for when shopping for a rain barrel whether it is the features, considerations, or the rain barrel products itself.

If you are concerned about owning a rain barrel then you can trust our best rain barrels review as it offers you more knowledge on what product you should invest in.

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Listed below are ten of the best rain barrels that you should not miss out on if you want the best water storage option that would be enough to care for your gardens and lawns and you would also get to find out why each of these rain barrels might be the perfect choice for your garden.

Best Rain Barrels Review

1. Good Ideas RW50-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel

best rain barrels

This is a fifty-gallon rain barrel that has an incredible build. Being incredible simply means that this is the kind of barrel that would endure a lot of punishment that could come from weather damages and physical impacts and you can count on it not to display any sign of wear and tear.

Regardless of its wood grain texture, this rain barrel proves to be stronger than a natural wood barrel and even when holding full capacity water, users are guaranteed that it would not break down or rot easily.

It features a shape that ensures that it traps water with ease and a very interesting feature of this wood barrel is its overflow mesh-based hole which serves as an outlet for excess water to flow out when the barrel gets filled.

This helps in preventing clogging of the spigot and it is also a very useful feature because it makes sure water doesn’t get to splash back onto your walls which could lead to mold or other long-term damages that could be caused by water.


  • Has a realistic and durable design
  • Designed to be resistant to weather damages
  • Fights back clogging and splashing onto walls


  • Not safe as it contains cancer-causing chemicals

2. FCMP Outdoor RC4000-BRN Catcher

This is a rain barrel with a stable and large design and this is why it is considered easy and safe to set up. It comes with no sharp edges that can cause harm to pets and children playing nearby and one interesting feature of this rain barrel is it comes with connecting spigots which allows you to connect it to several other rain barrels so as to expand your storage option.

For people with just this rain barrel, it is designed to be quite safe as it comes with a debris screen on the inside combined with a shutoff valve that helps in enhancing or boosting operation.

Coming with a forty-inch hose is one feature that you would rarely find in most water barrels today and this also takes away the struggle of connecting this rain barrel to a spigot. This helps in carefully getting rid of water through its rear onto a direct path if the barrel gets filled.


  • Safe for use around kids and pets
  • Installation is easy
  • Can be connected to several barrels to boost water storage options
  • Comes with a 40-inch hose


  • Comes with a flat connector and overflow hose

3. Goplus Portable Rain BarrelĀ 

Featuring the combination of having a lightweight design and also having a high capacity, the Goplus Portable Rain Barrel is another high-quality rain barrel that anyone can trust.

This perfect combination makes it incredibly easy to set up and make use of this rain barrel anywhere and it comes with adjustable knobs that can be used in loosening and tightening of this outer layer so as to helps deal with leakage problems if it ever gets to arise.

One feature we found interesting is the material used in making the mesh cloth that stays resistant to breakage and corrosion.

The outer of this barrel makes use of two different outlets which includes having a spigot at its bottom for connecting hoses direct for water supply so as to enhance its use while its top has an overflow pipe which makes it simple to connect this rain barrel to another if the need pops up.


  • Has a lightweight and flexible design
  • It comes with a zippered mesh for preventing debris
  • Designed using anti-corrosion materials
  • Easy to put together


  • None

4. Good Ideas Imp-L50-Blk Impressions Palm Rain Barrel

This is one rain barrel that tries to be quite different and also performs differently based on the way it appears. It has the look of a planter than that of a rain barrel as its top takes the look of a palm tree that is capable of blending with other plants and its bottom has the design of a potter or planter which makes this rain barrel a decorative piece.

It comes with two spigots found half of the barrel and at the bottom and this boosts versatility when it comes to storing up water.

The combination of a well-designed overflow system and high capacity makes this rain barrel a priority and a perfect choice for use in your gardens especially when it requires the use of water to remain healthy.

It serves as decoration anywhere it is stationed and even though most people find this design to be a bit tricky, it still gets its job done therefore showing that its appearance doesn’t affect its performance, reliability and durability.


  • Has the appearance of a real-life plant
  • Resistant to rust
  • Boasts of a fifty-gallon capacity
  • Its dual spigots offer quick access to water


  • Its top doesn’t come off
  • Developed a hole quicker than expected

5. Enviro World EWC-10 FreeGarden Rain Barrel

This rain barrel is one with a sleek and large design and that isn’t all, it also boasts of having a high capacity as well as an easy to understand and simple design which makes sure it doesn’t get to waste space anywhere it is kept.

What this simply means is that while designing this rain barrel, a lot of attention was paid to its function and performance and what we found amazing about this rain barrel is the injection-molded components that it comes with which ensures that this barrel stays free from damage and also clean irrespective of environment and climate.

You can easily mount this rain barrel on the wall without having any support at its back and its bottom has an all-size spigot that allows for the hooking of more barrels. It still has a good amount of space where a bucket can be placed underneath so it can get filled directly and users would not find it hard to move around thanks to its lighter than average weight design.


  • Has a higher capacity than most models
  • Made using long-lasting and durable materials
  • Doesn’t require a separate stand or base
  • Setup is easy
  • Very functional


  • Cracks easily

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6. Good Ideas IMP-N50-DBR Impressions Rain Barrel

This is a vase-like curved rain barrel that has a clever wicker finish which also features the style of a plant holder or a garden decoration. This sort of design is the reason why it finds it easy to blend in with most gardens while still being very durable and remaining watertight and regardless of its deep top design, this rain barrel serves as a form of decoration or for holding plants as well.

This rain barrel also features a fifty-gallon capacity while its mesh screen is capable of preventing the attack of debris.

It has two spigots that can be found in the middle and at the bottom of this rain barrel and the same water supply can be used to fill up another barrel fast or serve as a supply to a tool that needs it.

Its spigot is designed using brass material and this simply means that they would not snap off or turn rusty regardless of how tough they are being used.


  • Has a pleasing curved design
  • Comes with two separate spigots
  • Its in-built mesh makes sure debris do not find their way into this barrel


  • Its mesh is made using plastic

7. Algreen Products Cascata Rain Barrel

This is a rain barrel that features a terracotta style that offers an unconventional style therefore ensuring it has the looks of a smooth vase other than the look of a storage solution.

It makes use of a simple design that allows water to be stored in a small space and having a sixty-five-gallon water capacity makes it hold a high amount of water than most rain barrels which you might come across. It has a durable spigot in front which ensures draining of water easily and quickly and this gets done without the use of a hose.

This is one rain barrel that is designed to be extra tough and this is because its walls have a double-layered design which in turn helps to cut down on the possibility of this storage solution leaking anytime soon.

Adding more holes can be done by yourself but it needs to be done carefully so as not to ruin this rain barrel.


  • Has the look of a terracotta vase
  • Double-wall design for strength
  • Built to be durable
  • Has a screen guard design


  • Odd-looking color

8. Good Ideas Rwurn-KHA Rain Wizard Rain Barrel

This is another rain barrel that is designed to have an ornamental look as well as having a practical design. It has the type of color and design that enables it to blend in with most styles of houses as well as several garden decorations.

This is a well respectable rain barrel that boasts of having a sixty-five-gallon capacity and what this simply means is that this rain barrel would not run short of water in a hurry as far as it gets filled up. It comes with a self-draining top which makes it to be used as a stand for garden plants or as a planter.

Despite having a round shape, this rain barrel features a flat base which makes it possible to be mounted against a solid surface so as to prevent it from tipping over. Its forward-facing flow channel makes sure that water doesn’t get to drop to the wall behind it therefore preventing rotting or flooding.


  • Has a smooth and sturdy design
  • Its flat back makes positioning easy
  • Comes with a durable spigot
  • Has an effective and simple overflow channel


  • This product arrived damaged based on a customers report

9. RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection BarrelĀ 

The RTS home accents water collection barrel holds a fifty percent water capacity and its looks and design would make you believe that this rain barrel would not have any drawback.

Splinters, insects and rotting are not issues that homeowners or gardeners would encounter when making use of this rain barrel and this is because its surface is designed using the faux wood material.

Furthermore, there is an aluminum mesh screen that makes sure insects and debris do not have access to your stored water therefore ensuring your water supply remains clean at all times.

There is a molded stand that enables this rain barrel to get to higher drain pipes therefore making it easy for this rain barrel to trap or catch water. This molded stand makes this rain barrel stand stable on the ground and another interesting feature of this rain barrel is its brass spigot that isn’t vulnerable to rust.

This takes away the stress of repairing or replacing the spigot when it is not due even if you make use of this barrel consistently. Its flat back ensures that it relaxes against a solid surface and not stay in an awkward position in your garden.


  • Features a faux wood styling
  • Molded stand promotes stability
  • Durable design


  • Poor customer relationship

10. Rain Barrel, DIY Kit, Used Food Grade Barrel

Lastly, we are bringing you this environmentally friendly rain barrel which is made using an old food grade barrel but this time around, it has been modified to have a few extra designs and features.

The inner layer of this rain barrel has a silicone caulk design which makes sure it remains free from leakage but waterproof as well as all other types of damages that rain barrels are bound to suffer.

It features a classic based lid which users would find very easy to open so one can be able to check the current level of water in the barrel and another eye-catching design is its brass overflow valve which makes sure water doesn’t start overflowing at the top of this rain barrel when it gets filled.

At its bottom, you would find a spigot that allows for connection with al conventional types of hose and you can also make use of this hose to fill up a bucket with water without requiring any additional attachment.


  • Made using environmentally friendly materials
  • Its design promotes ease of use
  • Comes with an in-built overflow valve
  • Designed to be waterproof


  • None

Best Rain Barrels Buying Guide

Finding a suitable rain barrel for your lawns and garden might actually sound like something simple but the fact is you have a lot of things to consider before making a purchase.

If you do not have proper information about your garden as well as the plants in it then you might mistakenly set up a rain barrel in a way that it would end up overflooding a particular area. Or you might also end up going for a low capacity barrel that would not be enough to tend to your lawn and garden.


Trying to repair a water barrel might be very difficult so once it starts leaking then such a barrel becomes entirely useless. That is if you do not find the right way to block the damage itself and the fact still stands that as a rain barrels outer surface become weaker, the more vulnerable it becomes to damages.

When it gets hit by an external force or when it falls, it is more likely to get more damaged. However, for a barrel to be very durable, it might need to have more weight.

This is where you have to be very careful when making a decision. This might require you to install the rain barrel in a place where you do not have to move about at all. This is because as the rain barrel gets filled, moving it about becomes very difficult.

Furthermore, installing a heavy rain barrel might also be quite difficult especially if you are an old gardener so you would need the help of a younger person to help you with the installation.


Sometimes, opting for the rain barrel with the highest capacity might not totally be a good idea especially if you do not have a use for it. During the hot weather condition, it would be wise to invest in a large capacity rain barrel but during the wet condition, you definitely do not have any need to store up a large amount of water anymore unless for some other specific reasons.

The amount of water a rain barrel holds might turn out to be what would affect the rain barrels durability because once a rain barrel that holds sixty-gallon capacity cracks then its safe to kiss the rain barrel goodbye.

If it rains more often and the barrel gets filled and overflows then there is also a tendency that it might start cracking its outer shell or leaks excess amount of water into the garden.

The key thing is opting for capacity and size that would be suitable for you and meet your needs and unless plans have been made ahead, it would be difficult to know how fast a barrel would get filled and how often you might get to make use of it. Once this is determined, there would be no need for storing water you do not need.

Final Thoughts

If you are reading this then you have come to the end of our best rain barrels review and we believe you must have found this review very entertaining and interesting. When it comes to rain barrels, there are lots of benefits that you stand to benefit from it.

This form of water storage is best for use in your lawns and gardens and would also help to save you some spending on water bills. Your wallets and plants would definitely love the fact that you have a water storage option in place.

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