The Best Football Stadiums Around The World


Football is a sport that we all indulge in as a hobby and of course enjoy watching too! Some of the largest football stadiums around the world have hosted key memorable moments in football that we hold on to forever, meaning these stadiums are not only venues, but treasured time sakes that football fans hold onto for decades and decades, and definitely bring up within a multiple of conversations. Today’s article is about bringing such conversations back to life, by picking some of the world’s largest and most memorable football and sporting stadiums.

While the season of football is coming at a close, there are still many premier league fixtures that you can find out more about with 888post, some of which will be hosted within the stadiums we are about to mention below.

Rungrado, North Korea


The first stadium within our list is the Rungrado in North Korea. This stadium is located within one of the world’s most isolated countries, where very little information is given out in terms of the culture and way of life in terms of political influences. However, this does make the stadium stand out all the more, as the venue is the largest in the world, and can hold 114,000 people at full capacity. This stadium has been used for football, gymnastics and the annual Arirang Games currently. Due to such a large capacity that this stadium provides, it actually holds a place within the Guinness book of world records too. It is also believed to have been renovated recently, yet due to the very little information that comes in and out of the region, specific details have not been solidified when concerning the stadium itself and its status for sporting events globally.

AT&T Stadium, USA


AT&T Stadium is known for its participation within the world of American Football. The Dallas Cowboys use this stadium as their home for matches, in addition to these other singular events that guarantee large attendance bookings to take place here and we can understand why, the stadium holds a total of 105,000 fans. In the world, this stadium takes second place in terms of dimension and size. Football stadiums such as these will always hold importance geographically, in terms of their contribution for national sporting events that is. If you want to witness it for yourself, tours happen very often within Arlington Texas, where it is based.

Camp Nou, Spain


Camp Nou is a stadium popular for football, and home to the football club Barcelona. Based within Barcelona Spain, this is the largest football stadium within Europe and of course Spain. At full capacity, this stadium holds a total of 99.4 thousand people, making it just shy of 100,000 people essentially. Built originally in 1957, it certainly has had many renovations and upkeep as the years have gone by, as it is considered the pride and joy of many football enthusiasts all over the world. Even now, it is undergoing renovation, and fans are completely invested within the renovation process, as the stadium is dictated via referendums where approval of renovations need to be addressed. It is believed that the stadium will be completed within 2023 at the latest, however due to the pandemic, renovations were disrupted, as was everything else.

FNB Stadium, South Africa


The FNB Stadium is the largest within the region of Africa, located within South African, in Johannesburg, it attracts football fans from all over the world. Johannesburg is known as a Soccer City, and since its completion within 2009, this stadium hosted the 2010 Fifa World Cup. While the venue is seen as a spectacular location, it was not newly built, but rejuvenated from an old stadium that existed from 1989 for the Apartheid era in Africa. The stadium holds 94,736 people at its full capacity and for that reason it is understandable that it hosted the Fifa World Cup!

The Maracanã, Brazil


This stadium is notably one of the most beautiful in the world and also is situated in the heart of Brazil too for that matter. Often many tourists visiting the region will go on to add this location to their to-do list, and there is definitely a good reason to do so. The Maracanã stadium holds historical importance. Hosting the World Cup group stage back in 1950, the match between Brazil and Uruguay saw an attendance of almost 199,854. Imagine how loud it would have been to be living in the areas surrounding the stadium? The support will most definitely have been booming! This day and the stadium will forever go down as one of the most prominent classical games and attendances in all of history.

San Siro, Italy


The stadium known as the San Siro, is the next stadium and one of the best in the world. Why? Well, because first of all, it is located within the heart of Italy. Italian football has always been the core and heart of football. We have some of the best teams in the world that call this stadium home- AC Milan and Internazionale. The grounds of this stadium boast the most spectacular size, to fit almost over 80,100 people at full capacity.

The pitch itself has hosted the European Cup and Champions League finals too, and therefore gained much respect from football fans around the world, for its status as a football stadium. It has also been designed so that all the people who are in attendance can see with maximum visibility, and therefore enjoy every second and ounce of the game that comes their way. Next time you’re in Italy, this spot certainly deserves some of your time and attention by paying it a visit. The grounds are hosted to thousands of tourists each and every year, where fans get to know the ins and outs of the rich history that is held here, but also the energy that is held here is unexplainable. It is a majestic destination.