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Trying to shop for a bike can be extremely confusing and it becomes even more confusing when you are shopping for a bike for an eleven-year-old boy. It could be quite difficult because you would not know where to start and that is why we have decided to help you find the best bike for an 11-year-old boy.

The type of bike that would be perfect for an eleven-year-old boy is definitely going to be a twenty-four-inch bike and since they are always designed to be large, it could be a bit challenging finding one which has the right features that you need or your son would need.

If you have a pre-teen that is eager to catch some fun while growing up then a twenty-four-inch bike is simply the best option to get such child as it has the features and design that would cater to their needs.

This is why we are bringing you this review alongside a buying guide that would offer useful information on finding the right type of bike.

Best Bike For 11-Year-Old Boy – Buying Guide And Recommendation

At the age of eleven, your child is already looking forward to taking his cycling skill to another higher level and that is why it is always a good idea to gift your boy a good and quality bike when his eleventh birthday approaches. Finding the right bike depends on age, fun, self-confidence and also his physical skills.

When he is at the age of eleven, it is quite clear that your little boy has already become familiar with the parts, components and important features of a bike so right now are certainly the right time for us to bring you the best bike options for your eleven-year-old boy. They are discussed below;

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Best Bike For 11 Year Old Boy Review

1. Boy’s Roadmaster Granite Peak Boy’s Bike, R2469WMDS

best bike for 11 year old boy

When considering what kind of bike you can get for an eleven-year-old boy, the 24 inch Boys Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Bike is the best option on the market right now as it features a very impressive design that tends to set it apart from all other bikes on the market.

Featuring a steel mountain frame, you can tell that this bike is durable and built to endure all the obstacles it will encounter outside while its front suspension fork is also added for your kid to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

While riding, kids can be able to experience smooth shifting and this is based on the fact that this bike comes with an eighteen-speed twist shifter but that isn’t all that you would find interesting about this bike, it also features innovative rear and front linear brakes which makes stopping crisp and quick.

Other notable features like its three-piece mountain crank and tough alloy wheels all contribute to why this bike is durable and what’s more, its seat can be adjusted to suit the rider without making use of any tool.


  • Delivered as promised
  • Kids love this bike because of its exciting features
  • Built to last long
  • Also ideal for beginners


  • Tires are difficult to adjust
Customer Reports

Kid loves it. Easy to put together.


My 11-year-old boy loves his new bike. Perfect size and is durable. Wasn’t too difficult to put together and is easy to adjust everything. Well packaged. It came much faster than expected which really made my son happy! Thank you!

2. Diamondback Bicycles Octane Youth Mountain Bike

The next bike that parents can get for their eleven-year-old boy is the Diamondback Octane Youth Mountain Bike and how durable this bike is one feature that would leave you amazed.

If your boy has what it takes to deal with drop handlebars, thin tires and also has a thing for racing then this is really the best option for your boy and this is also why most parents consider this bike as the best birthday gift they could gift an eleven-year-old boy.

A very interesting feature of this bike is that it is designed to be gripped firmly by small hands.

Apart from offering a perfect grip, kids would also be able to switch or change gears so they can increase or decrease their speed while riding.

For boys at this level, this bike comes with the best clearance while its well-designed tires and great handling ability makes sure your kids have an impressive balance even when riding at high speed.

One more benefit that comes with riding this bike is it makes sure your boy’s torso sits at an aerodynamic position and this is actually good for every boy out there.


  • Decent quality kids bike
  • Lightweight kids bike
  • Has good front shocks


  • Got broken after initial use
Customer Reports

Great bike. I wanted something aluminum for my son to grow into, and I wanted it to be decent. This easily compares to the entry-level ‘bike store’ bikes that cost hundreds more. If you put it together correctly (which is simple) it will be great.


It came as a beautiful well built, lightweight, bike for beginner shifter. One front gear was crucial, 7 rear was great. Nice front shocks. Nice no rear shock as that is wasted energy unless you are high speed going downhill. The seat is easy to adjust. Wish it had a kickstand.

3. Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series 720 Boys BMX Freestyle Bike

The Dynacraft Tony Hawk Park Series BMX freestyle bikes is a very attractive boys bike as kids would all in love with the tony hawk graphics and finish that it comes with and here is one of the attractive features that it comes with, it has a handlebar that is alloy threaded and this design makes the handlebar more functional and strong.

With this Dynacrafte Tony Hawk kids bike, your eleven-year-old boy would be able to perform tricks and stunts, jump ramps and also cruise around the neighborhood.

This bike also has a lightweight design which helps in improving the speed of this bike while its frames are made out of top quality material which is the reason why this bike is quite resilient and would handle any challenge it faces outdoors.

Its alloy rear brakes provide exceptional stopping ability and this bike also comes with saddle seats as well as adjustable clamps that can be used in adjusting this seat to meet the riders’ preference.

This bike just feels right for any eleven-year-old boy who is itching to own a bike.


  • Fast delivery service
  • Can be put together easily
  • Brakes work correctly
  • Perfect for pre-teens


  • Its frame had a slight scratch
Customer Reports

Bought this for my taller 7-year-old son. It fits him great and he loves the bike! The only complaint is the kick stand. It isn’t long enough and the bike easily falls over and scratches. Will have to replace it, but not sure why they put such a small kickstand on this bike in the first place. Overall, very happy and would definitely purchase again!


Good steel bike for the price. Overly simplistic instructions from China, but if you know anything about how bicycles are put together then you should not have any problems. A minor criticism is that the front handle does not raise up and the bike is intended in a leaning position to the handle. When the son gets taller, this might be an issue with the seat raised, the angle toward the handles could be steep.

4. Guardian Kids Bikes Original

A very appealing feature of this bike is it comes with a sure-stop braking system which ensures that this bike stops faster so as to make sure head over handlebars accidents are prevented and as a result of its exceptional braking system, this bike is referred to as the safest bike for kids.

Even though this review is talking about bikes for eleven-year-old boys, it can also be ridden by girls as well and we love the fact that this bike has a lightweight design that makes way for safety and exceptional handling.

Putting this bike together would not be much of a serious or difficult task as it already comes ninety-five percent pre-assembled and other features that this bike comes with which makes it a very better option for kids includes double-wall rims, a kickstand, a lever that kids would find very easy to reach and also about seven speeds.

However, parents should also be informed that this bike doesn’t come with training wheels.


  • This bike is very safe
  • Can be compared with other high-quality bikes
  • Features innovative brakes
  • Came already assembled
  • Nice customer service


  • None
Customer Reports

The bike frame, wheels, brakes, and pedals seem well-made and high quality. I had an issue with a front brake cable being too loose. I contacted the company via the “contact us” link on their site. I received a call-back from 1 of the owners of the company within less than 5 minutes. He walked me through tightening up the front brake, offered to mail a new cable crimp end cap and was extremely patient and kind on the phone. My original review was going to be less than 5-stars, but given to make things right the company did. Awesome experience and a well-made bike. My kid loves it so far.


Terrific purchase! I get my own bikes second-hand and they are nothing fancy, but while my son is learning to ride I am willing to spend a little more for safety and ease of use so that we can go on longer bike trips together. If both my children ride this bike for 3 years apiece, it works out to about $50 a year, which seems reasonable for such an excellent bike.

5. Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike

The Mongoose Title 24 BMX Race Bike is simply designed for kids that love to race, kids that are skilled at riding bikes and also kids that desire to learn how to ride bikes and this Mongoose bike that you are actually looking at is one that would last longer than most bikes right now because it is made out of very durable steel and alloy materials which makes sure it withstands whatever knocks or obstacles it encounters on any terrain.

This is why we think this is the best choice of bike you can get for a kid that loves practicing stunts while riding bikes.

Its stopping is always crisp, safe and smooth and this is as a result of its alloy brake levers which ensures that safety is also what your kid enjoys while riding this bike while the idea of having thick and rugged tires makes it easy to ride this bike on dirt tracks and also off the road.

However, there would be no frustration in putting this bike together as it comes already assembled and trust me when I tell you that you would get a bike that would meet your child’s height preference as this bike comes in 24 and 20 inches respectively.


  • Lightweight bike
  • Offers an exceptional riding performance
  • Perfect for racers


  • Doesn’t offer as much comfort as expected
Customer Reports

Mongoose is back! This bike is incredible for this price point in the BMX realm, I would highly recommend it for 12 and on up to Dad! I am 6’2” 215lbs and it withstood the punishment I handed it before relinquishing it to my newly turned 12 yo. Smooth ride and fast. If you are a Dad you would want to change the seat unless you plan on racing it.


The bike looks GREAT! It came with all of the parts, very easy to put together, rides very smooth and it feels great, very easy to adjust the breaks too. Just anyone can put this bike together in no time.
I bought it for my 14 years old son, but I really think this bike is good for the age 10 and up. Very light and satisfying to ride!

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6. Boys’ Next Chaos Freestyle Bike

The 20 inch Boys Next Chaos Freestyle Bike is one that is designed for extreme action as riders can make use of this bike in performing several stunts and freestyles as well as going around the neighborhood just for fun.

Durability is a key feature of this bike as it features a top-quality high tensile steel frame which makes sure this bike withstands all forms of action or beating it takes outdoor while its green color and stylish frames make it very attractive and good looking.

Its seat also has this good looking graphics and is also designed in a way that it offers riders optimal comfort while riding and the reason why we think this bike is a very good choice for your eleven-year-old boy is as a result of its alloy rotor stem which makes it very easy to be able to perform several tricks as well as being able to make 360 handlebar rotations.

Furthermore, other eye-catching features of the Boys Next Chaos Freestyle Bike includes a PVC chain guard cover, dual caliper hand brakes and sturdy alloy rims.


  • Packed well
  • Assembling is easy
  • Sturdy and good looking


  • Wrong pricing
Customer Reports
Justin P.

I had ordered this bike as a birthday present for my son after trying another company and his order being canceled. they were great with their customer service got right back to me. the bike was everything I expected all pieces were there .everything went together perfectly and my son loves the bike that he built with his dad. The bike also came a week ahead of time. I bought 2 I have twins.

Nicole Alexis

This bike is great I’m 5’3 and wanted a nice bike to take to the park and it fits me well. Was easy to assemble and a good value for your money. I always get compliments on the bike at the park one guy even calls it the Ferrari of bikes.

7. Schwinn Koen Boys Bike for Toddlers and Kids

Having a smart design is one of the outstanding ad unique features of the Schwinn Koen Boys bike for kids and toddlers and having kid-specific proportions as well as featuring a durable steel frame makes this bike easy not just to handle but also to pedal.

The presence of a front caliper brake and a rear coaster brake makes this bike have an excellent stopping power but kids can be able to switch to a bigger brake which is a hand brake but this switch should be done only when kids are ready.

You boys clothing, feet and hand would also be well protected from the chain of this bike thanks to its chain guard cover and you can also rest assured that this bike’s slack seat tube and easy to adjust saddle make sure that this bike would grow as your child grows.

However, other important accessories of this bike include having a plate number, saddle handle for storage and towing as well as training wheels. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty which ensures that this bike would last for a long while.


  • Easy to maintain balance
  • Easy to pedal
  • Has a good size


  • Didn’t come with an allen wrench
  • Long assembly time
Customer Reports
Daniel T. Grifo

Our son is special needs and has a hard time with learning to ride a bicycle. We researched and came upon this bicycle. As soon as I put it together, our son was peddling away down the road. It has made him more confident in riding and pedaling. The design of the bike makes it easier for him to peddle and keep his balance. He even is using the hand brakes. As a parent of a special needs son, seeing him riding a bicycle with the other kids in the neighborhood was the best!

Alejandra Huggins

The number plate looked cheap and creased so I removed it. Pretty easy assembly. For some reason, I was under the impression the 18” with training wheels did not come with a kick stand, but it does. I purchased an 18” for my 4-year-old for his 5th birthday. He’s pretty tall at 44 1/2” so I figured the 18” would be a good size for him to grow into. The bike is smaller than I expected but he’ll be able to ride it comfortably. I hope it brings my son a lot of happiness for the next couple of years.

8. Ryda Bikes Moab

If you want a bike that you boy would find very easy to ride, would be safe while riding and would also have enough amazing features then the Ryda Moab Bikes is a great option for you and guess what, this is also a unisex bike as it can be passed down from a brother to a sister.

The tough aluminum frame that the Ryda Moab Bike comes with makes this bike not only durable but also makes it lightweight and these two features are the reason why we consider this bike to be the best bike for kids who would love to embark on adventures.

Its frame also has a shiny holographic white paint which makes this bike very attractive.

Despite being a bike for kids, this bike still possesses exceptional and high-quality features that would sway even more experienced cyclists and thanks to having airless tires, this bike would also travel as far as five thousand miles.

This also helps in making sure that parents do not have to worry about punctures anymore.

Other exciting features of this bike include having a derailleur guard, Shimano guard, quality ally V-brakes and also a chain guard.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Has a nice design
  • Comes with flat-proof tires


  • Impossible to adjust brakes
Customer Reports
June Lala

I like this bike a lot. it wasn’t too difficult to set up. I’m 5’1″ so the bike was tall. To resolve this issue, I replaced the bike post. I no longer have the shock absorber for the seat but I’m okay with that, as I don’t really plan to ride on rigorous grounds. The bike is great and I’m glad about my purchase.


Assembly was easy took about an hour. Everything looks good so far.

9. Guardian Kids Bikes Ethos

The Guardian Ethos Kids Bike is a good option if you are shopping for a quality and decent bike but on a budget and best believe it when I say what you are looking at is a bike that comes packed with several unique features which would make riding this bike comfortable and fun for kids.

Being easy to assemble is also one of the positives to look at when talking about the Guardian Kids Ethos Bikes and it also has fun decals as well as SureStop brakes. If your boy’s age lies between eight to twelve then this is certainly a good bike option for such a child.

Its height ranges from about forty-nine inches to sixty-one inches while its seven gear speed makes it useful either for embarking on longer trips or just for transportation every day.

Having an impressive bike geometry makes this bike stable, makes it a perfect option for anyone who is still learning how to ride a bike and also ensures it is balanced.

Parents would also be pleased with the fact that this bike comes ninety-five percent already assembled meaning minimal work is required to put it together.


  • Has an excellent design
  • Very stable
  • The steel frame makes it durable
  • Has an incredible customer service


  • Poor quality control
Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

Bike frame, wheels, brakes, and pedals seem well-made and high quality. I had an issue with a front brake cable being too loose. I contacted the company via the “contact us” link on their site. I received a call-back from 1 of the owners of the company within less than 5 minutes. He walked me through tightening up the front brake, offered to mail a new cable crimp end cap and was extremely patient and kind on the phone. My original review was going to be less than 5-stars, but given to make things right the company did. Awesome experience and a well-made bike. My kid loves it so far.

Kindle Customer

The innovative brake system works as advertised and only engages the front brakes when the back wheel is on the ground skidding. The bike is one of the more cost-effective child bikes at this size to offer no coaster brake, hand brake and a relatively light frame. Would highly recommend the bike both on the product as well as the incredible customer service of Guardian.

10. Dynacraft Browning Men’s Leather Slug Belt

Lastly, this bike from Dynacraft is the final bike we are bringing you and this is a good option for kids who are lovers of dirt bike riding or speed bikes.

This bike was designed bearing comfort in mind even while riding on a rough track and some features that promote this comfort include large-sized wheels, a comfortable seat and a padded handlebar.

However, there is also a kickstand which makes parking this bike extremely easy but we believe that this bike is slightly having as it weighs about 27 pounds.

This also makes this bike very durable and you can rest assured as this is the right bike that would be stable even when jumping on tracks.


  • Affordable
  • Awesome quality
  • Comes pre-assembled


  • A bit heavy
  • Doesn’t come with every necessary component
Customer Reports
Amazon Customer

This bike went together very easily. I actually put it together while in the middle of something else and it was cake. My son loves it and it adjusts really well for the 6-8 year sizes.

Amazon Customer

Got this for our son. He was outgrowing his old one. He is about to be 7years old in 2 month. He will be able to grow into this bike and use it until he is about 9-10. He loves his new big boy bike (especially that it has a kickstand)

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Final Thoughts

Finding the right bike for your eleven-year-old is finding that which would be able to offer him comfort and also fit him perfectly well but the first thing you need to know is finding the bike with the right wheels and that which has the right build to cater for your child’s needs.

You would be able to make better decisions by figuring out your child’s biking abilities, preference and also riding style but also have it at the back of your mind that a quality bike for an eleven-year-old should be able to offer safety while riding, be easy to handle and also should be lightweight.

Getting it right would make your son forever happy.

Also, take a look at these models that might be suitable for your kids:

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