Power Rankings

  • chicago

    Chicago Bliss | 5-0-1


    The champs continue to impress wiping out Green Bay in the season finale and now simply await their Western Conference Championship opponent. Matches up better vs. Seattle.

  • jacksonville

    Jacksonville Breeze | 2-1-1


    A long time off has perhaps the best overall roster rested and trained for their final and most important game of the regular season, August 16 vs Atlanta.

  • losangeles

    Los Angeles Temptation | 2-2-1


    The ‘Gunslinger’, Ashley Salerno and crew await the match-up of the year vs Seattle inside the Silver & Black Pirate Ship in Ontario. Winner will advance to play Chicago in Western Conference Championship in Ontario on August 23.

  • seattle

    Seattle Mist | 2-1-1


    Seattle is peaking at the right time. Great size upfront and Schnor starting to become dominant at running back. Role players are coming up big, specifically LaShaunda Fowler, Jessica Hopkins and rookie standout Lily Granston.

  • vegas

    Las Vegas Sin | 1-3-0


    This squad despite being decimated with injury rose to the occasion in 2014. Toward the end of the season, no one wanted to play Vegas. A great nucleus of rookies make up a bright future in Sin City despite the retirement of Brace.

  • atlanta

    Atlanta Steam | 3-1-1


    The Steam’s Playoff hopes rest with the Omaha Heart on August 9. If the Heart win or lose by 16 or less points, Atlanta advances. Good news, Dakota Hughes expected to start if Atlanta advances to Eastern Conference Championship in Atlanta on August 16.

  • baltimore

    Baltimore Charm | 1-2-1


    The fate of the season rests with August 9 match-up vs Omaha. With a 17pt. or more win, Baltimore advances to play Jacksonville on August 16 in Atlanta for Eastern Conference Championship. Spencer, Mesta and Dickey sisters seem primed for a late-season run.

  • omaha

    Omaha Heart | 2-2-0


    Omaha has rallied late in the season posting another home shut-out 31-0 over Toledo. The offense has finally shown up and now can play the role of spoiler vs. Baltimore at home on August 9.

  • green-bay

    Green Bay Chill | 0-3-1


    A disappointing season in Green Bay got worse when the Chill were spanked by the champs, Chicago, 32-7. Expect this roster to be blown-up and coaches released for a fresh start in 2015.

  • toledo

    Toledo Crush | 0-3-1


    A few bright points such as the emergence of Arika Hoffman, Merecedes Ephram and Lulu Jackson. However preparation and commitment lacked in 2014. Interesting to see if Coach Kelly will be brought back in 2015.