Power Rankings

  • chicago

    Chicago Bliss | 1-0


    Returning all core Starters and Furr becoming a better pure passer could spell trouble for opponents. Only concern and vulnerability, a lack of balance on offense which could lead to an upset in the Eastern Conference.

  • atlanta

    Atlanta Steam | 1-1


    An argument could be made for being pre-season No.1 if Chicago did not return everyone. A far more improved offensive line with the addition of Adrian Purnell and moving Leanne Hardin to tight end. The most talented set of offensive starters 1 thru 7 on any roster.

  • los-angeles

    Los Angeles Temptation | 0-0


    A definite change in regime with an aging roster, tremendous upside is the return of David Bizub and Tui Suiaunoa who have yet to miss on hoisting a championship banner. Could this be the season there is also a change at Quarterback?

  • seattle

    Seattle Mist | 0-0


    The free-agency pick-up of KK Matheny finally provides the best offensive mind in the league, a franchise quarterback to execute the best offensive scheme in the league. Another key pick-up is Danika Brace who will return to Seattle and come out of a planned retirement. The question will be the development of perhaps the youngest roster in the LFL.

  • las-vegas

    Las Vegas Sin | 0-0


    One of the most over-achieving teams of 2014 returns the highest rated passer of 2014 in Sindy Cummings and potentially the best all-around receiver in Cynthia Schmidt. Defense, rookie head coach and a running game will be the massive questions in Sin City.

  • omaha

    Omaha Heart | 0-1


    A loss of several key Starters that include Linsey Nobel, Theresa Petruziello and Morgan Anderson amongst others, could spell a troubled season in the Heartland. A virtually unknown roster will play in a very tough Easter Conference.