Power Rankings

  • chicago

    Chicago Bliss | 4-0


    Beating the Atlanta Steam both on the road and at home, firmly sets the Bliss in the driver’s seat of the Eastern Conference. With a win in Omaha on June 13, Chicago will clinch a Playoff berth.

  • atlanta

    Atlanta Steam | 2-2


    Having yet to beat Chicago, the once heralded Steam are now an uncertain bunch. The optimist would make the argument that Atlanta has been competitive in each of its two losses to Chicago.

  • los-angeles

    Los Angeles Temptation | 2-2


    A strong 2-0 start followed by a devastating loss to rival Seattle at the Coliseum, has the Western Conference up for the taking. Michelle Angel impressed in her debut in replacement of Ashley Salerno, however, how long can LA afford to go without #8 in the lineup?

  • seattle

    Seattle Mist | 3-1


    Swapping two gut-renching wins on the road with LA, opens up the Western Conference. The passing game looked more fluid in Seattle’s 2nd game and the defense impressed. Could Seattle be ready to become the dominant team in the West?

  • las-vegas

    Las Vegas Sin | 0-2


    Despite the season-opening loss in LA, this team impressed with its mixture of returning veterans and full slate of rookies. Running back Dominique Malloy played like a ‘Rookie of the Year’ candidate in the opener. The defense is the real question mark in Vegas.

  • omaha

    Omaha Heart | 0-4


    After an 0-3 start, giving up a league record of 190pts. through three games and not having scored a single point. It became obvious change was in order, enter three All-Fantasy veterans in QB Anonka Dixon, WR Heather Hudson and DE Leekplay Paye. Look for a far more competitive team in the Heartland.