Power Rankings

  • seattle

    Seattle Mist | 2-0


    The champs held strong against Los Angeles on the back of Stevi Schnoor's bruising running attack. Seattle is 2-0 but has not yet performed up to their lofty expectations. A date with Chicago looms next on the schedule.

  • atlanta

    Atlanta Steam


    Atlanta is prepared to leap-frog the perennial Eastern Conference juggernaut Chicago, simply because Atlanta has had a far more effective off-season and key free-agent pick ups like Theresa Petruziello. This is the year Effort will be beat Talent in the Eastern Conference.

  • chicago

    Chicago Bliss


    The loss of Heather Furr to retirement and an overall lack of off-season commitment from the veterans could make this No.3 ranking very generous. On a high-note, this franchise, while it may be in a rebuilding period, has perhaps the best base of rookie talent that could very well push out several veterans that have out-stayed their welcome.

  • losangeles

    Los Angeles Temptation | 0-1


    Los Angeles' defense grew stronger as their game against Seattle went on and kept the team in the game. The key to the Temptation having a successful season still depends on the growth of a rebuilding offense and finding a way to get electric running back Nas Johnson more chances to shine.

  • dallas

    Dallas Desire


    Big D stands at No.5 above other expansion teams although they could very well fall to No.8. Dallas has the best nucleus of athletic rookies amongst the expansion franchises, however their development has been suspect at best under a rookie coaching staff. A solid off-season commitment could yield better than expected results if the team can develop into a well-run organization. Number 1 question: is Michelle Angel ready for the pressure of being the starting Quarterback?

  • omaha

    Omaha Heart | 1-0


    Opening Night was a much needed showcase of dominance over the expansion New England Liberty. The story through one-game has been the emergence of Shalynn Durham as a solid ground threat and leader on defense. No longer a doormat.

  • austin

    Austin Acoustic | 1-1


    Quarterback Teshay Winfrey who came into the season held in high regard, showed immaturity imploding in the season-opener while there were several flashes of greatness from the defense and passing game. Overall, a humbling experience vs the champs but one that this roster will benefit from.

  • new-england

    New England Liberty | 0-2


    A debut that left a lot to be desired from the Liberty. Poorly coached and prepared compounded by athletes that appeared completely overwhelmed by the moment. This squad needs some Patriots influence to keep from becoming this season’s Omaha.