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    In season-opener, this reloaded championship roster, flexed its muscle en route to a 93-6 thumping of the Denver Dream. The re-signing of Nneka Kwani, now teamed with Chantal Taylor and Kristin Morrison, makes this defense the LFL's version of 1985 Chicago Bears. Offensively Jayne Caldwell struggled a bit, trying to connect with her assortment of weapons. The run game will be the strength of this team.

    KEY ADDITIONS - JAYNE CALDWELL, Quarterback (from Los Angeles), ALLI ALBERTS, Wide Receiver / Safety, NNEKA KNWANI, Defensive End (from Atlanta)
    KEY LOSSES - JACINDA BARCLAY Quarterback (League suspension)
    KEY FOR SUCCESS - Ease QB Jayne Caldwell into the system, Caldwell does not have to win games for Chicago, she just cannot lose them.

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    SEATTLE MIST | 2-0


    Despite getting a scare from Austin, Seattle re-established its dominance in the 2nd half en route to a commanding 46-26 win. This is a loaded roster, however, outside of Danielle Hawkins, the star free-agents Michelle Angel and Jade Randle were not impactful.

    KEY ADDITIONS - MICHELLE ANGEL, Quarterback, JADE RANDLE, Wide Receiver / Safety Jade, DANIELLE HAWKINS, Defensive End
    KEY LOSSES - DANIKA BRACE, Tight End / Safety (Retirement)
    KEY FOR SUCCESS - The integration of key Free Agent signings to an already established culture.

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    LOS ANGELES | 1-0


    The most impactful Quarterback in league history, Ashley Salerno returns from suspension. Time will tell if Salerno’s legacy will be that of Johnny Manziel with all of her off the field issues or Aaron Rodgers, given her obvious talent. LA still lacks a second receiver to team with Cynthia Schmidt, who is coming off a solid 2016 season. LA’s running game will become a Thunder & Lightning approach with the re-signing of Carmen ‘F 150’ Bourseau and the return of Nas Johnson. Johnson is a better passing receiving back, lacks the toughness between the tackles.

    KEY LOSSES - JAYNE CALDWELL, Quarterback (to Chicago)
    KEY FOR SUCCESS - More disciplined approach from coaching staff, as this team has fallen apart each late-season run, due to poor veteran and coaching leadership.

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    Despite the weather conditions, Atlanta showed it belongs amongst the league's elite, as the offense showed its balance with the a solid run game behind Jesse Locklear and Britney Demery as well as the deep ball threat, with Dakota Hughes to Lauren Ziegler. Defensively, Pittsburgh exposed some holes in the secondary. Defensive newcomers Jessica Salazar at middle linebacker and Citrece Fox-Birdwell had big debuts.

    KEY ADDITIONS - No Free Agent Signings.
    KEY LOSSES - COCO MONTGOMERY, Tight End (Retirement), THEREA PETRUZIELLO, Safety (Retirement)
    KEY FOR SUCCESS - Develop a consistent run game complimented by play-action, keep a defense that has never excelled, off the field with a play-clock controlling defense.

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    Omaha Heart | 1-1


    Omaha shed its loser image with an impressive 32-6 win over the expansion Pittsburgh Rebellion. The attacking defense of Kale Good re-surfaced, aided by the Wolverine, Jaqueline Good and Lindsey Burse. Offensively Alex Drake continues to struggle with consistency and accuracy, but a solid run game with Nikki Bernhardt will give Drake the opportunity to develop.

    KEY ADDITIONS - ALEX DRAKE, Quarterback (from New England)
    KEY LOSSES - No Key Losses.
    KEY TO SUCCESS - Develop Bernhardt and the run game, as Drake continues to develop into a franchise Quarterback. Defensively, return to the more physical attacking scheme that previously gained Omaha respectability.

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    Despite the opening night loss, there is a bright light shining on the Acoustic. The team is building its identity as one of the better offenses in the league with the emergence of phenom rookies Kendria Williams and Kassandra Bills.

    KEY ADDITIONS - KRISTEN BECKMAN, Wide Receiver (from New England)
    KEY LOSSES - No Key Losses.

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    Despite a 32-6 loss in Omaha, Pittsburgh appears to be gaining an identity. The challenge will be ramping up Quarterback Morgan Spencer, who had not taken in a snap in the LFL in over two years. Spencer still needs to work on her mechanics, specifically footwork. If Sonia Osselborn can get into shape, she could be a dominant force on the ground. Defensively, there is a lot of heart and emerging talent, specifically defensive end Tracey Wilmer, cornerback Remy Olinzock and safety Jolie Efezokhae.

    KEY ADDITIONS - JOLIE EFEZEKHAE, Wide Receiver (from New England), JESSICA JOHNSON, Wide Receiver (from New England)
    KEY LOSSES - 1st Year Franchise
    KEY TO SUCCESS - Developing a dependable Quarterback should be the primary focus. If a QB is identified, there are potentially a lot of specialist weapons on the offensive side of the ball.

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    DENVER DREAM | 0-2


    While expansion teams often struggle to gain momentum and find themselves, Denver looks like a hot-mess. The roster lacks any intensity, passion or coached up skill. Sole bright spot appears to be quarterback Zshalyn Canfield. In its season-opener, not only were they dominated, worse, they simply gave up which is far more alarming than lacking talent. It appears there are serious concerns with coaching and overall locker room leadership.

    KEY ADDITIONS - No Free Agent Signings.
    KEY LOSSES - 1st Year Franchise
    KEY TO SUCCESS - Stay in games by developing a run-game that moves the chains. Take advantage of your size upfront and simply intimidate and out-physical everyone.