Power Rankings

  • seattle

    Seattle Mist | 3-1


    Seattle sits pretty in the #1 spot after their comeback win over Chicago. The Mist have clinched a spot in the playoffs already but in order to be the top seed they will need to win their final game against a game Dallas squad.

  • atlanta

    Atlanta Steam | 1-1


    The Steam passed their first test with flying colors as they demolished Omaha. Offensively, Dakota Hughes looks primed to take the throne as the top QB in the LFL. However, it's the all-around brilliance of Lauran Ziegler that could lead Atlanta to the promised land. Atlanta's toughest games still lay ahead of them but they appear ready for the challenge.

  • losangeles

    Los Angeles Temptation | 3-1


    The Temptation were able to steal a road win against Austin but not in the convincing fashion they had hoped for. Los Angeles continued to play two Quarterbacks with Jayne Caldwell and Kiara Patterson over the course of one game, but is it a luxury or a problem? They better figure it out fast before their titanic clash with Atlanta in July, it could determine the final Playoff spot in the Western Conference.

  • dallas

    Dallas Desire | 2-1


    Something special might be brewing in North Texas thanks to a cohesive offense led by QB Michelle Angel. The team overall has taken a physical identity thanks to the efforts of Victoria Thomas and Sunshine Misa-Uli, who are intimidating opponents offensively and defensively. The June 18th matchup against Seattle has suddenly become must-see LFL football.

  • chicago

    Chicago Bliss | 2-1


    The loss of Heather Furr to retirement and an overall lack of off-season commitment from the veterans could make this No.3 ranking very generous. On a high-note, this franchise, while it may be in a rebuilding period, has perhaps the best base of rookie talent that could very well push out several veterans that have out-stayed their welcome.

  • austin

    Austin Acoustic | 1-3


    It was a roller coaster season for Austin that ended like it started, with a strong performance in defeat at the hands of an established LFL franchise. If Austin wants to take the next step they will need more intelligent play from the Quarterback position and to hit the weight room. The Acoustic caused problems with their speed and athleticism but were often bullied in the trenches.

  • omaha

    Omaha Heart | 1-2


    After a step forward in their win over New England the Heart took many big steps back in their embarrassing defeat to Atlanta. Omaha will have to figure out a cure for it's inept offense which was totally stifled and shutout by the Steam. Perhaps most troubling was the lack of effort on several 50/50 plays. Lack of skill is one thing, lack of desire and effort could lead to another long year in Omaha.

  • new-england

    New England Liberty | 0-3


    A debut that left a lot to be desired from the Liberty. Poorly coached and prepared compounded by athletes that appeared completely overwhelmed by the moment. This squad needs some Patriots influence to keep from becoming this season’s Omaha.