Power Rankings

  • 1

    Seattle Mist | 4-2


    While Seattle lost the regular season Western Conference title to the upstart Dallas Desire due to point differential, the Mist still have the best roster of any Playoff-bound team. Their ability to go back-to-back rests on the inconsistent arm of KK Matheny.

  • 2

    Atlanta Steam | 1-3-1


    Atlanta has played well this season, although it has been against a dismal Omaha Heart. When tested by Chicago, again, the Steam showed that they may be the most over-rated team in LFL history. The true test will be August 20.

  • 3

    Chicago Bliss | 5-1


    Chicago is always a threat, especially with the continued development of Quarterback Jacinda Barclay and the yet to her Turbo gear, ChrisDell Harris. The Playoffs favor the Bliss because they have owned Atlanta, circle August 20.

  • 4

    Dallas Desire | 3-2


    The feel-good and most unlikely of stories, is coming to life in the Western Conference, the Dallas Desire. Surprising everyone by capturing the Western Conference and headed into August 20 as the No.1 seed on the back of Michelle Angel, Victoria Thomas and Jade Randle. 

  • 5

    Los Angeles Temptation | 3-1


    Los Angeles made franchise history in 2016 and not for any good reason, the Temptation missed the post-season for the first time in team history. Despite a 3-1 mark, Los Angeles was beat out in a tough Western Conference. Ultimately, this team once again beat itself, with poor leadership from top-down. Several players not only showing up out-of-shape, but playing the entire season in poor physical shape.

  • 6

    Austin Acoustic | 1-3


    It was a roller coaster season for Austin that ended like it started, with a strong performance in defeat at the hands of an established LFL franchise. If Austin wants to take the next step they will need more intelligent play from the Quarterback position and to hit the weight room. The Acoustic caused problems with their speed and athleticism but were often bullied in the trenches.

  • 7

    Omaha Heart | 1-3


    After a step forward in their win over New England the Heart took many big steps back in their embarrassing defeats to Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas. Omaha will have to figure out a cure for it's inept offense and a defense that is allergic to tackling or coverage. A new head coach and regime change, coupled with the release of the vast majority of its current roster is the only recipe for being competitive in 2017.

  • 8

    New England Liberty | 0-3-1


    A disappointing season in a region of the country that expects winning. One of the worst coaching performances coupled by injuries and a lack of depth, lead to a winless season in New England. The firing of the current coaching staff is a good start to 2017 as well as recruiting this off-season to build around Quarterback Alex Drake and Receiver Kristen Beckman.